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LATEST NEWS:   AstraZeneca third-line lung cancer trial delayed by few months - LONDON (Reuters) - A clinical study testing AstraZeneca's experimental immunotherapy drugs in lung cancer patients who have already received at least two previous treatments will take longer than initially expected to produce results.
LATEST NEWS:   Scientists develop fluid-filled artificial womb to help premature babies - LONDON, April 25 (Reuters) - Scientists in the United States have developed a fluid-filled womb-like bag known as an extra-uterine support device that could transform care for extremely premature babies, significantly improving chances of survival.
LATEST NEWS:   Most U.S. patients would disclose sexual orientation to docs - (Reuters Health) - While most doctors think patients prefer not to disclose their sexual orientation, a new survey found people are willing to provide the information when asked.
LATEST NEWS:   Gender viewpoints similar in trans preschoolers and other kids - (Reuters Health) - Transgender preschoolers are no less confident than their peers about their gender, a new study found.
LATEST NEWS:   Can playground design help reduce bullying? - (Reuters Health) - Playgrounds designed with risk-taking in mind may mean more pushing and shoving during recess, but they also might make kids less likely to feel bullied, a small experiment in New Zealand suggests.
LATEST NEWS:   U.S. House bill would exempt e-cigarettes from tobacco regulations - (Reuters) - A bill expected this week in the U.S. House of Representatives would weaken a Food and Drug Administration rule governing e-cigarettes and represent a major victory for the $4.4 billion U.S. vaping industry.
LATEST NEWS:   Pregnant women need routine blood pressure checks - (Reuters Health) - Pregnant women should get their blood pressure checked at each prenatal visit to screen for preeclampsia, a potentially fatal complication that can damage the kidneys, liver, eyes and brain, new U.S. guidelines say.
LATEST NEWS:   Ok to wait for colonoscopy after positive fecal test results - (Reuters Health) - People who wait up to nine months to get a colonoscopy after fecal tests show potential tumors are no more likely to be diagnosed with cancer or advanced malignancies than those who get follow-up colonoscopies sooner, a U.S. study suggests.
LATEST NEWS:   Swedish authorities says bird flu found at hen farm - STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - An outbreak of H5N8 bird flu has been detected at a hen farm near the town of Nykoping in eastern Sweden, the country's board of agriculture said on Tuesday.