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LATEST NEWS:   Profit finally in sight for gene therapy specialist Oxford Bio - LONDON (Reuters) - After 20 years of losses, gene therapy specialist Oxford BioMedica is at last close to achieving its first profit thanks to the success of Novartis with a pioneering cancer treatment.
LATEST NEWS:   Contaminated eggs cost Dutch chicken farmers 33 million euros - AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - Dutch chicken farmers have suffered around 33 million euros ($39 million) in damages as a direct result of culls and other measures carried out after their eggs were found this month to be tainted with a toxic chemical.
LATEST NEWS:   Weak patient admissions to bug hospital operators through 2018 - (Reuters) - Weak patient admissions that plagued U.S. hospital operators in the June quarter are likely to persist through 2018, as patients fret about soaring out-of-pocket costs and the future of Obamacare remains uncertain.
LATEST NEWS:   Massive California verdict expands J&J's talc battlefield - NEW YORK (Reuters) - A massive California verdict in a lawsuit alleging Johnson & Johnson's talc-based products cause cancer has opened a new front in the litigation, upending the company's hopes that the cases were only gaining traction in Missouri, legal experts said.
LATEST NEWS:   After solar eclipse, Americans' eyes seem mostly none the worse - (Reuters) - Eye doctors who had braced themselves for at least a few patients after a dazzling solar eclipse swept the United States cautiously exhaled on Tuesday, with some hospitals reporting zero cases of damaged vision so far.
LATEST NEWS:   Using unproven methods to tackle cancer could be deadly - (Reuters Health) - People who decide to tackle their cancer using only unconventional methods are likely to die sooner than patients who opt for conventional treatments, according to a new study.
LATEST NEWS:   Changing childcare settings can affect sleep - NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - - Inconsistent childcare arrangements can affect toddlers’ sleep at night, a new study suggests.