Joe Bloniarz

Joe Bloniarz

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US Navy Gulf War Veteran, BS in Information Manage Systems, 25yrs of data management experience, Landlord, Renovator, avid boater, and dog enthusiast

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I Started working with Paradox for DOS 3.5, in 1994, at DRS a company that sold patient leads to dentists, by advertising in the yellow pages and direct connecting those patient phone leads with participating dentists.   Windows 3.1 started transforming the business office I began developing in Paradox for Windows, followed by Delphi 1, Delphi 2 and Delphi 3, Followed by PowerBuilder 5.0. I thought instead of learning a new programming language and framework every year or so, I would focus on the data side, and started taking Oracle course work and transitioned from a developer/analyst to an Oracle DBA while working for a Telecom company in Vancouver WA.
Working as an ORACLE DBA at a Telecom company allowed me to leverage my programming background with a deeper understanding of the underlying workings of Oracle. I began developing in PL/SQL which made for better batch data processing than what had historically been used. I soon found myself writing PL/SQL with a team to migrate data from a proprietary telecom provisioning software package with well over 700 tables about a half a terabyte of data, that required quite a bit of reverse engineering of a proprietary system. In order to find the relevant data structures needed for the data mart we had SME (subject matter experts) execute a series of workflows while we traced their actions in an Oracle Database session. We could then extract the SQL used during the workflows, allowing us to identify tables and the fields of interest.
Working through the DOT com era as an Oracle DBA working in various versions of Oracle 8.0.5 –10G to include ( and GeoTrust ). While working at a Portland Oregon based company in the domain name space, I got to work on a project for Verisign WLS / CLS, an online auction platform for expiring domains (.com,.net,.org this changed over time), I authored business logic in Oracle PL/SQL Packages, that helped the system scale to the HIGH OLTP throughput required to integrate into Versign's CORE system, aka the backbone of the internet that makes DNS work!
I Assisted a client by extracting data from an outdated and no longer supported version of Oracle ERP, into a customized data schema to facilitate their unique reporting requirements.
I Created the Lab Portal Company by forming a team of talented developers to create a HIPAA compliant patient and provider online portal for clinical laboratories. We developed a custom reporting engine that would render the reports in HTLM/PDF, that supported publishing highly customized patient test results online. We did multiple end point integrations into custom LIMS and external EMR systems as needed by our customer, often bridging different systems.


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